Galaxy Giant Hippo E2/L2 26.5-25 20 Ply


The Giant Hippo is designed with special features that make it unique to the industry. These features include mud breakers used to eject mud and debris from the tread area. The Giant Hippo also features rim shield and sidewall protectors, as well as a buttress shoulder. The buttress shoulder significantly adds to the tire’s pulling power, an increase of up to 21%. This tire has gained the respect of several Original Equipment Manufacturers in the reclamation business. Fits: 26.5-25, 265-25, 26.5×25, 265×25, 26.5 25, 265 25, 26.525, 26525 SKU: 276482 Weight: 803 lbs P.R.: 20 Rim: 22/3.0 Type: TL Overall Diameter (in): 66.2 Section Width (in): 29.5 Rolling Circumference (in): 190.6 Loaded Static Radius (in): 29.5 Load Carrying Capacity of 25,999lbs at 51psi and 6mph Applications: Wheel Loader, Sugar Cane Harvester Special Features: Steel Belted

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Additional information

Weight803 lbs
Dimensions66.2 × 66.2 × 30 in


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