Primex Logstomper Xtreme LS-2 28L-26 20 Ply


Primex Logstomper Xtreme (Extreme) features a variable angle lug design that is tapered from the center to the shoulder. This delivers excellent hillside stability, superior traction and exceptional performance in varied ground conditions. The LS Extreme is engineered with a highly cut and chip resistant compound as well as heavy sidewall and under tread gauges for added protection in demanding service. Fits: 28L26, 28L-26 SKU: 461518 Weight: 705 lbs Type: TL Ply Rating: 20 Rim: DW25A Overall Diameter: 63.6 in Section Width: 27.4 in Rolling Circumference: 190.0in Static Loaded Radius: 29.3 in Load Carrying Capacity of 16,500 lbs at 40psi and 5mph Applications: Forestry, Skidder, Forestry Mulcher, Feller Buncher, Wheeled Tree Trimmer

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Weight705 lbs
Dimensions64.3 × 64.3 × 28 in


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