Alliance 344 Forestar LS-2 710/40-24.5 20 Ply



The Alliance 344 Flotation LS-2 is a bias belted tire with steel reinforcement for high puncture resistance. The tire uses special tread compound and has very thick sidewalls and under tread. The reinforced bead of the tire provides exceptional performance. Its lower lug angle provides excellent grip and exhibits self cleaning characteristics due to its wide inter-lug space which is vital in logging applications. The close spacing of the lugs in the centre of the tire reduces rolling resistance on hard surfaces. The 344 is designed to handle various terrains without chains/bogie trucks. Fits: 710/40-22.5, 710 40 22.5, 710 40 225, 7104022.5, 71040225 SKU: 34435416 Weight: 361 lbs Type: TL Rim: 24.00DC Ply Rating: 16 Overall Diameter: 46.1 in Section Width: 27.6 in Rolling Circumference: 137.9 in Loaded Static Radius: 21.3 in Load Index: 154A8/161A2 Load Carrying Capacity of 11,560 at 52psi and 6mph Application: Forestry, Forestry Forwarder, Forestry Harvester, Forestry Trailer Special Features: Steel Belted

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Additional information

Weight361 lbs
Dimensions46.1 × 46.1 × 27.6 in


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