Galaxy Beefy Baby III R4 10-16.5 10 Ply



The Galaxy Beefy Baby III is an advanced design with 10% higher tread depth than Beefy Baby II design. It has a flatter tread profile. Due to increased overlap, there is a significant increase in the amount of rubber in the center of the tread pattern. The shallower angle of the lug in the shoulder provides increased traction capability. The terracing in the under tread promotes self-cleaning. The signature galaxy rim shield has been enhanced in the Beefy Baby III design. Fits: 10-16.5, 10-165, 10×16.5, 10×165, 10 16.5, 10 165, 1016.5, 10165 SKU: 112260 Weight: 58 lbs Ply Rating: 10 Type: TL Rim: 9.75 Overall Diameter: 30.9 in Section Width: 10.1 in Rolling Circumference: 90.6 in Loaded Static Radius: 14.3 in Recommended Load of 2800 at 59 psi and 25 mph in front backhoe applications Recommended Load of 4806 lbs at 60 psi and 6mph in skid steer applications

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Additional information

Weight58 lbs
Dimensions30.9 × 30.9 × 10 in


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