Primex Logmonster 28L-26 20 Ply



Primex LogMonster LS-2 is an advanced diagonal forestry tire developed for use by forestry heavy machines and logging industry. It is designed to work under extreme terrain conditions and provide long tire life. Its design allows for high traction with low slippage. It is constructed with strong nylon and steel belts, high under tread gauge, high and robust lugs, strong and thick sidewalls, special tread compound and protective mudguard. Fits: 28L-26, 28Lx26, 28L26 SKU: 464518 Weight: 648 lbs Type: TL Ply Rating: 20 Rim: DW25A/B Overall Diameter: 64.5 in Section Width: 28.1 in Rolling Circumference: 191.4 in Static Loaded Radius: 29.4 in Load Carrying Capacity of 16,000 at 40psi and 5mph Applications: Forestry, Skidder, Forestry Mulcher, Feller Buncher, Logskidder Special Features: Steel Belted, Cut and Chip Resistant

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Additional information

Weight648 lbs
Dimensions64.5 × 64.5 × 28 in


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